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Learning Objectives

Getting Started

There are multiple ways to learn what you can do with MicroWorlds. Some suggestions are below.

There are also some suggestions below for ways that you can learn from the hints, help and lessons that are built in to the MicroWorlds EX environment.

Welcome Screen

When you start up MicroWorlds, you'll see the Welcome Screen below. From here, you can check out the Tutorials or Samples, or just click on Free mode and poke around. After you've saved a project, you can open it with Open Project.

MicroWorlds EX Development Environment

The picture below gives an overview of the MicroWorlds EX Development Environment. You might want to try:

  • Clicking on icons in the Tool Bar. Sometimes you need to click on the Tool Bar and then click in the Main Window for something to happen.
  • Clicking on topics in the Techniques Panel to learn more.

Back to Welcome Screen

You can always get back to the Welcome Screen by clicking on this icon in the Tool Bar:



For more help, try the Help menu

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