MT Sectors

This activity has two protractors.  One in divided into twelve sectors.  The other has 36 divisions in all--12 sectors whose arcs are divided into three pieces each with small tick marks.  Use the protractors to measure the sectors.  Record the number of 12ths, 36ths, and 360ths for the sector shown and complete the MT Puzzle.

The number of 360ths of a circle that is filled by the sector is the number of degrees in the sector.

In case you haven't learned them yet, here are some multiplication facts that will help you:

  • 3 times 12 is 36
  • 10 times 36 is 360
  • 30 times 12 is 360

This activity is based on the paper version of MT Puzzles which was co-invented by Dr. Dor Abrahamson and Professor Karen C. Fuson.