Rational Numbers in Geometry

  1. Fraction Rods 1
  2. Fraction Rods 2
  3. Fraction Rods 3
  4. Fraction Rods 4
  5. Proportional Fraction Rods
  6. Commutative Fraction Rods 1
  7. Running Total
  8. MT Puzzles
  9. Commutative Fraction Rods 2
  10. MT Fraction Rods
  11. Divisibility Word Problems
  12. MT Rectangles
  13. MT Triangles
  14. MT Sectors

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Rational Numbers in Geometry

  • For students in grades 3 and 4
  • Course Description: This class will develop understanding of ratios and proportions in the context of geometry. Students will learn to recognize similar triangles, to find unknown lengths using knowledge of proportions and similarity of triangles, and to demonstrate similarity of triangles when necessary data is present.
  • Course Dates: This course was offered during session I of the 2004-2005 school year
  • Location: online
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